Privacy Policy

In Conformity with the Japanese Law Protecting Personal Information

1. Personal information may be used for one or more of the following:

  • (1) For identifying parties interested in real estate for sale or for rent. Interest in such real estate includes trust beneficiary rights, sale contracts, lease contracts, and management contracts (including joint-surety contracts). Other services rendered in accordance with such contracts may include intermediation, management, etc.
  • (2) For rendering information related to real estate transactions, including sale, lease, intermediation, management, development or investment, including investment through trust beneficiary rights.
  • (3) So far as it is necessary to provide the aforementioned marketing services, K.K. Halifax Associates (Halifax Associates) may provide clients’ personal information to other contracting parties, parties who desire marketed property, realtors, or authorized property information networks. These parties include individuals, advertising companies, groups who provide property information, either written or on the Internet, financing organizations, judicial scriveners, other registration professionals, related property insurance companies, property management companies, warranty companies or other third parties approved by the client.
    • ⅰ) Personal information to be provided to the aforementioned parties may include name, address, telephone number, property information, transaction information and any other necessary information.
    • ⅱ) Personal information may be provided in written form, by telephone, electronic mail, Internet, advertised media, etc.
    • ⅲ) The offering of a client’s personal information shall be suspended upon the client’s issuance of such instructions.

      ※ In order to properly perform services under exclusive agency agreement, a realtor is obliged to register at property information networks and provide them with property information in accordance with the Building Lots and Buildings Transaction Business Law.

    • ⅳ) In the event that property information is provided to authorized property information networks for marketing purposes, the client’s personal information may be used as follows:
      •   a) Halifax Associates will inform the registered information networks of the transacted date and price, etc., at conclusion of the property transaction.
      •   b) The authorized property information network may provide the property transaction information to member realtors and/or public organizations in electronic or printed form as authorized by the Building Lots and Buildings Transaction Business Law. This information will not include the names of seller(s), buyer(s), lessor(s), or lessee(s), and will only consist of a summary of the property, including the date contracted and transacted price.
  • (4) In order to render services or information as specified in (1) and (2) above, personal information may be transmitted by mail, telephone, electronic mail, etc.
  • (5) Personal information may be kept as necessary to render services as specified in (4) above.
  • (6) Personal information may be kept in record books in conformity with Clause 49 of the Building Lots and Buildings Transaction Business Law.
  • (7) Property information may be used for reference in price assessment for sale or rental of other properties. Information related to concluded transactions used for reference in price assessment may be offered to the other clients or brokers who have interest in the other client’s properties as a “basis for opinion”, as prescribed in Clause 34 Item 2-2 of the Building Lots and Buildings Transaction Business Law.
    • ⅰ) This information will not include the name(s) of the seller(s), buyer(s), lessor(s) or lessee(s), but will only include an outline of the property and its price, and be presented in such a way as to make it difficult to identify the specific property.
    • ⅱ) Presentation of personal property information may be provided in written or electronic form, such as electronic mail, etc.
    • ⅲ) The offering of a client’s personal information shall be suspended upon the client’s issuance of instructions against doing so.
  • (8) Personal property information may be used for market trend analysis.
  • (9) Personal property information may be used for real estate appraisal business. With respect to various personal information that Halifax Associates obtains through the course of real estate appraisal, its use shall be limited to the appraisal business* by a licensed appraiser(s) and for public appraisals including listed prices and land price investigations.

*The "Real Estate Appraisal Business" includes the appraisal of real estate and/or investigation and analysis of the various factors that reflect the objective value of real estate. This requires a licensed appraiser to assess the effective use of real estate and analyze transactions of or investments in real estate.

Halifax Associates may include the obtained personal information in the shared use of transaction details as follows:

  • ⅰ) Transaction details will be shared with: Japanese Association of Real Estate Appraisal and its members and/or associations of real estate appraisers in other prefectures and their members.
  • ⅱ) Transaction details include: location of properties, prices, areas, the names of the parties concerned in transactions, individual or legal restrictions such as width of facing road, etc. and such items as special features of the location that influence the property value.
  • ⅲ) The purpose of sharing is for the valuation of public posted prices, land price investigations, or other public appraisals, and the conducting of real estate appraisal business as prescribed in Article 2-2 of the Japanese Real Estates Appraisal Law.
  • ⅳ) Responsible Custodian: Japan Association of Real Estate Appraisal, including its regional organizations, and prefectural associations of real estate appraisers.

2. Personal information data will be used and retained by Halifax Associates:

  • (1) Associated names: K.K. Halifax Associates (registered), Halifax Associates (trade name)
  • (2) Retained information will be used as prescribed in item 1 above.
  • (3) Any enquires as to disclosure, correction, opt-out or claims with regard to personal information should be directed to:

    K.K. Halifax Associates
    Reception for Personal Information Matters
    3-16-26 Roppongi, Minato-ku, Tokyo 106-0032
    TEL: +81 3 5563 2111